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Mark Zaitsev Head of Sales Department

With the connection of Alpa Consulting to the promotion of our company, my colleagues note an increase in the quality of leads. They come to us from different sources, but they buy equally well. The average check increased by 15%, the time and effort to close the deal were almost halved. We have a job ahead of us with loyalty, so I look forward to cooperating with great hopes.

Angelica Kostenko Internet marketer

I would like to express my gratitude to all technical specialists of Alpa Consulting for the tremendous work on our online store, done in a short time. I want to note the willingness of the team to always explain the difficult moments, explain the options and help make a decision. The management has accepted the results from the first time with minimal modifications, which is a rarity for our company.

Alexey Gusarov Businessman

Alpa Consulting does for me all the Internet marketing. We started with lending, then we made an online store and started to promote it. The results are growing from month to month. Now for my products the low season, but the profit is still there. So if someone wants an effective Internet promotion, then Alpa Consulting is a good choice.

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