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Anton Panov Founder of a chain of restaurants

Public catering is a matter in which very much depends on the location. Each meter can become decisive. Therefore, when we are planning to expand the network and open a new restaurant, we turn to Alpa Consulting. The children quickly analyze the proposed options for us, give recommendations on them and offer more promising places.

Mark Arefiev CEO

We are intermediaries between sellers and buyers of franchises. Business is complex, not the most common. Alpa Consulting helps us with the promotion of the events organized by us in the network: design and development of promo pages, advertising and promotion. Expectations and requirements for the result are high every time, but the specialists of the company manage to excel them. That is why we have been cooperating for several years.

Nellie A. Director for Marketing and Development

Since the very first project, which we did together with Alpa, our colleagues have proven themselves as great professionals. This applies to all: managers, performers, analysts. I especially want to thank the designers of Alpa Consulting for their patience and the ability to understand vague TK, asking a mountain of clarifying questions. Thank you for your cooperation!

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