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03.10.2017 | 17:23 Sergey Matveyev Head of marketing department

Alpa Consulting helps us with detailed and professional research. We sell fashionable clothes and it is important for us to be close to the audience in different regions of the country, therefore we constantly order the analysis of the markets. Every time we receive not just a report, but a real storehouse of knowledge, through which we can conduct effective marketing campaigns in any city.

03.10.2017 | 17:22 Irina Bogdanova CEO

I sincerely thank the specialists and managers of Alpa Consulting for their work with our website. New design, expanded functionality, high positions in the search networks (thematic - construction) - all this is the merit of this company. Already after the first month, we began to understand that the costs of cooperation with you are rather profitable investments, which always return in the form of additional profit.

06.09.2017 | 16:24 Marina Karavaeva Internet marketer

I would like to express my gratitude to Alpa Consulting for promoting our site in the social networks of Google and Yandex. Incredibly bad positions have turned into first places for a year of work, and now decent traffic is coming to our site. At the same time behavioral factors at an excellent level, conversion to visitors to customers increased from 1.5 to 3.2%, which brought the company to a new level of profitability.

06.09.2017 | 16:23 Ivan Pavlyuchenko Head of Sales Department

Our company cooperated with Alpa Consulting in the field of site development, but I want to leave the feedback about the service that the company provided to me personally. My family needed a site for the construction of a cottage and I assigned this task to my favorite contractors. Such a service does not seem to be provided, but they met me halfway. I note that this is not a real estate agency, so the result of the work was a list of suitable parameters for the objects that we lied with the rièletre and concluded the deal already 4 days after the start of the search.