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24.05.2017 | 17:23 Mikhail Kozlov Businessman

I'll turn to those who consider Alpa Consulting for the role of a contractor for strategic marketing: if you choose these guys, you will not regret. Alp helped me run a fast food restaurant, chose positioning to compete with McDonald's and other networks, helped with the development of the logo, the choice of name. I will not say that I have already overtaken them and will soon capture the market, but I have my share despite the presence of such strong players. Thank you guys! You are a pro!

24.05.2017 | 17:22 Alexander Lobanov Marketer

I express my personal gratitude to Alpa Consulting specialists for their help in pumping our social networks. Your SMM specialists successfully help us to attract customers from VKontakte, Faсebook and Instagram. The number of participants and subscribers of our accounts increases monthly, social applications are finally receiving applications, our investments in SMM are paying off and will soon be profitable. Many thanks for the work!

28.04.2017 | 16:35 Samuel Biryukov Individual entrepreneur

Thank you colleagues from Alpa Consulting for saving the reputation of my business. Thanks to you, we managed to correct the negative information background around our car-care center, which was provoked by previous owners. I will especially note the softness of this approach, and the inconspicuousness of outside interference. I hope for further cooperation in the areas of advertising, marketing and website development. I will recommend you to my partners.

28.04.2017 | 16:34 Renata Suleymanova CEO

We produce steel structures for corporate customers and in the winter we decided to open a direction for private clients. Alpa Consulting has become our indispensable assistant in the field of research of the target audience, the formation of an adequate market offer and the establishment of attractive prices for our segment. All the analytical work done was useful, reports - commercially valuable. At the same time, total confidentiality was respected. All this allowed us to successfully start.