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07.06.2018 | 14:34 Nellie A. Director for Marketing and Development

Since the very first project, which we did together with Alpa, our colleagues have proven themselves as great professionals. This applies to all: managers, performers, analysts. I especially want to thank the designers of Alpa Consulting for their patience and the ability to understand vague TK, asking a mountain of clarifying questions. Thank you for your cooperation!

07.06.2018 | 14:34 Victor Stepanov Business consultant

My task is to solve the client's problem. One of the partners, who often helps me in matters of marketing - Alpa Consulting. I collaborated with the company in different formats: I gave projects, invited for the role of consultants, ordered research and other work. The result never caused questions: always on time, always professionally, always for reasonable money.

14.05.2018 | 12:36 Anvar Sadekov Self employed

Alpa Consulting is my guide to internet marketing. I develop the direction of selling farm products through the Internet and badly needed the help of competent experts. On the recommendation I applied to Alpa Consulting. We started with consultations, then launched the test project together, and now I gave the company almost carte blanche to promote my business on the network.

14.05.2018 | 12:35 Marianna Shcheplova Project Manager

I express my gratitude to analysts and marketing specialists Alpa Consulting for the successful completion of the work on our project. I also want to thank managers who solve problems quickly, resolve differences and help to find a common language. I hope for no less successful cooperation in the future!