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Nellie A. Director for Marketing and Development

Since the very first project, which we did together with Alpa, our colleagues have proven themselves as great professionals. This applies to all: managers, performers, analysts. I especially want to thank the designers of Alpa Consulting for their patience and the ability to understand vague TK, asking a mountain of clarifying questions. Thank you for your cooperation!

Victor Stepanov Business consultant

My task is to solve the client's problem. One of the partners, who often helps me in matters of marketing - Alpa Consulting. I collaborated with the company in different formats: I gave projects, invited for the role of consultants, ordered research and other work. The result never caused questions: always on time, always professionally, always for reasonable money.

Anvar Sadekov Self employed

Alpa Consulting is my guide to internet marketing. I develop the direction of selling farm products through the Internet and badly needed the help of competent experts. On the recommendation I applied to Alpa Consulting. We started with consultations, then launched the test project together, and now I gave the company almost carte blanche to promote my business on the network.

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