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Grigory Krupenko Investor

I sincerely thank the staff of Alpa Consulting for their professionalism and efficiency in making decisions. Your skills, knowledge and diligence help to correctly and quickly evaluate real estate objects for investment, make profitable trades and avoid market traps. I wish your company prosperity and a large number of satisfied customers!

Vasily Alexandrovski CEO

I, Vasily Mikhailovich Aleksandrovsky, general director of the training center "Nomaks", I thank the whole team of Alpa Consulting, and especially the professionals from the marketing department who worked with us, for helping with the launch of the business. The developed marketing strategy, brand-concept and positioning are already implemented and show excellent results. I hope for fruitful cooperation in the future.

Karina Sadekova Senior Internet Marketer

Our group of companies has been using Alpa Consulting services for almost 3 years. During this time, we have never regretted the choice made. I can not disclose the details, but I will say that the company specialists take on all the complex issues of promotion on the Internet, help with the development of the strategy of working in the network and give accurate forecasts and unqualified consultations in 99.9% of cases.

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